Voucher Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What is a Voucher?

Answer: A voucher is how you connect to the Internet on our WiFi networks. We use a login page, similar to what you would experience in the big name coffee shops and hotels. A voucher is not the same as a traditional “password” or “passphrase”.

Question: What does a Voucher control?

Answer: A voucher controls your download and upload speeds on the WiFi network. When you enter your voucher on a Standard Device, your device’s MAC address is tied to your voucher.

Question: What is considered a Standard Device?

Answer: Standard devices include the following device categories: Android Phone, Android Tablet, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Fire Tablet, iPhone, iPad, iPod, MacBook (Laptop), iMac (Desktop), Windows Desktop, Windows Laptop, Windows Phone and Windows Tablet.

Question: How much does it cost for additional Standard Devices?

Answer: Any additional standard device beyond the initial four will be charged at a rate of $5.00 per device, per month.

Question: What information is stored on a Voucher?

Answer: A Voucher stores the MAC addresses of your Standard Devices. A MAC address is the hardware, physical layer address tied to your WiFi / wireless adapter. This is not the same as an IP address.

Question: How do you obtain a Voucher?

Answer: Residents are provided a voucher upon moving in. Please contact the front office if you did not receive a voucher.

Question: Does WiFi Support issue Vouchers?

Answer: No, we do not. Vouchers are tied to the move-in process with your lease. Please contact the front office if you did not receive a voucher.

Question: Can we remove one device from your voucher?

Answer: No. We cannot remove just “one device” from your voucher. If you need one device removed, we will have reset or clear all of your Standard Devices.

Question: After my voucher is cleared, what happens next? What do I need to do?

Answer: Clearing your voucher goes into effect immediately. It may take up to 15 minutes for the WiFi to log your device off and display the login page again. To save time, you can visit “https://logoff” on each of your devices. The login page will then display and you can re-enter your voucher.

Question: What the difference between increasing/decreasing my voucher, versus clearing/resetting my voucher?

Answer: If you are replacing a device, such as a lost/stolen/older laptop, tablet or cell phone and the total quantity of your devices does not change, you would simply want to reset/clear your voucher. If you are adding additional devices, you would want to submit an increase voucher request. If you already are paying for additional standard devices and you need to decrease the amount if you no longer have, or want, additional devices, you would want to submit a decrease voucher request.